Continuously rising insurance premiums

As you have seen, the insurance premiums claimed from condominium associations have increased a lot in recent years. However, for a union, cash flow management is a major issue.

As a specialist in the financing of syndicates of co-owners, Capital RPK can finance your insurance premium over 10, 11 or 12 months at an attractive interest rate.

By financing your insurance premium, you make it more affordable by making the incomes (condo fees) and the exits (monthly insurance premium) coincide. In this way, the union retains precious liquidity and can more easily cope with any unforeseen events.

Many syndicates have seen their insurance premiums jump in recent years. By financing it at a low rate, you reduce the impact on your cash flow.

Get financing in 24 hours

Our approval process is quick and easy, and our rates are competitive. Contact us directly when renewing your premium, or talk to your property manager about us.

If you have questions or need advice on reducing your condominium insurance premium, see the “Insurance” section on Condo Legal.